Before, I talked about why we only have the one child. Today, I will talk about the little quirky things that one child does. What I feel like is product of him being said only child.

Only having one child comes with a lot of things. There are things he does that are just quirky and I have to ask, "Is this because he is an only child?" Here are my thoughts on raising an only child.

1. He cannot stand to be alone.
  • He might get this from his Dad. He doesn't like to be alone either. 
  • He will follow me or his Daddy around the house playing the entire time. 
  • He is nearly 8 and it is a constant struggle to get him to sleep in his own room. 
  • He "just checks" on us all the time. He yells for us & when we reply it is, "just checking!" 
  • I think his biggest fear in life is to be lonely. 

2. He talks to himself...a lot!
  • He cannot be in the shower or bath without a full conversation with himself
  • He talks to himself in the mirror. It is so strange to me! I am constantly having to tell him to stop talking to himself & get ready. 
  • He will be playing or riding in the car in full conversation with himself. I think he is talking to me & ask him what he said. 9 times out of 10 I get, "I am talking to myself." 

3. He is crazy imaginative. 
  • Truly I have never seen a kid with such an imagination!
  • He has had crazy imaginative dreams since he was 3ish. (dinos in space) 
  • He tells the most crazy & out there stories. 
  • He can come up with something fun while playing with just a bag. (seriously. he has done this!)

4. He has crazy self confidence. 
  • He knows he is smart, funny, and handsome. (I probably tell him too much!)
  • He rarely doubts himself and his ability to do things. 
  • He can walk up to anyone/anywhere & make friends. 

5. He appreciates quietness 
  • When he is with a rowdy group of kids (usually playing with his cousins), he has to take moments & be by himself in quietness. (don't get me wrong. He is just as loud as they are!!)
  • When we are at a really busy and loud place, he is worn out & irritable afterwards. 
  • Even though he talks to himself...a lot, he has moments of just sitting quietly. 

There are so many other things that he does that to me scream, "I am an only child!" These were just a few of them. So, I ask you. Does your only child do any of these? Or does one of your multi-kids do any of these? What else do they do that just screams, "only child", "middle child", or "baby". Or so on. You get what I am trying to say. What are the little quirky things your kids do? 

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