The Flash Inspired Birthday Party

I cannot believe that Christmas is less than a week away, that 2017 is less than two weeks away, and that my (not so) little guy turned 9 years old yesterday! Since his birthday is a week away from Christmas, and people are crazy busy around the holidays, we always have his party during the 1st few weeks of December. 

It has been a pattern the last 3 years that he picks a theme for his party that isn't popular at the time. Meaning that I cannot find pre-made birthday decorations by just popping into the local Party City. For his 7th birthday he chose Star Wars. You're thinking, "Star Wars?! That is all over the place!" Well...not 3 years ago it wasn't. That was one year before the new ones came out. I had to search high-and-low for decorations. The following year...they were all over the place. For his 8th birthday he chose Doctor Who. Yep...he is unashamedly geeky! There were no Doctor Who decorations to be found in the US. I had to order them all from the UK. This year...I found them all over. 

This year (after a few changes) he decided that he was going to go with The Flash for his birthday party. Sigh. Seriously? There were NO decorations that were just the Flash ANYWHERE. Not in the states or otherwise. So, I looked around Pinterest and Etsy to get some ideas to throw a Flash inspired party. 

Yellow and Red

When all else failed, I just went with yellow and red. My sister and I went to party city and bought yellow and red table clothes, platters, bags, plates, and balloons. With using the two colors as the main scheme of the party, it ended up being a bit cheaper. Plain yellow and red decorations cost considerably less than decorations that have a theme. This allowed me to spend more money on main pieces of the decorations that were custom made. 

Custom Made Decorations

I will link you up with what I bought for the custom pieces. My main goal was for the custom pieces to be not only the main focus of the decorations, but to tie the yellow and Red together. My favorite was the banner. He has kept the end pieces and the whole banner with this name to put up in his room. 

I also went with custom shaped cookies and some fun confetti to add to the tables. My uber talented mother made both the cookies and the cake. I bought the cookie cutter on Etsy as well as the confetti.

For the finishing touches I made the flash goody bags, cut up some fruit (red and yellow) and found a cool flash wall art at Hobby Lobby to add to the table. The bags were crazy easy to easy! I bought the red bags at Party City and the yellow paper (doesn't even have to be card stock) at Office Depot. I used the cookie cutter to trace my shape on a piece of cardboard. I traced enough on the yellow paper. Then my MeeMaw and myself cut them out. Slapped them on with a bit of glue; and filled those bad boys up with candy. 

The Cake

I know you have been eyeballing that cake in the photos. It is amazing, right?! Like I mentioned earlier, my crazy talented mom made that cake. That is the one the boy wanted, so that is what she made. Outside the fondant flash embalm. I know that I couldn't make this cake on my own. However, a baker (or yourself if you have more talent than me...which isn't much!) could make this easy. Here is a better look at the cake. 

The Party

That is a look at all the fun decorations and cake that made my son's 9th birthday party awesome. A lot of us wore flash shirts to go along with the theme. My hubby, my parents, and myself all got into the Flash theme of the party. 

It was such a fun party and the kiddo had a blast. Despite being sick. Little did I know he would be down the next day and miss the following two days of school! The best part of the party? Watching him open gifts. He never leaves us disappointed with this looks of excitement. 

Here are the stores for the items we bought in case you want to buy them yourself:

Flash Inspired Birthday Banner (the one with his name on it)

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