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I have thought about this long and hard. I am not sure everyone knows this or not, but this isn't my only blog. Have a blog called Shawn Bear Scraps. This is where I talk about all things digital scrapbooking and showcase my digital scrapbooking creations. What is digital scrapbooking; and who do I get started?

Well...let me introduce you! 

Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking

I know that one of the reasons no one gets started in it is because they don't know where to start. I am here to point you in the right direction.  I taught myself everything that I know and use on a near daily bases in my digital scrapbooking. It is that easy. If you know how to use a computer, you can dcrap digitaly as well.

What is Digital Scrapbooking?

It is wonderful! Seriously though, digital scrapbooking is exactly like it sounds. Digital scrapbooking is a form of scrapbooking that has you using your computer to create your scrapbooking layouts. That is done using a personal computer, digital or scanned photos and computer graphics and advanced photo editing software.

Fairly simple, right? What does all that mean though? Computer graphics and photo editing software? That is what you actually need to scrap lovely layouts. Instead of glue, paper and scissors as your tools, you are using these items instead.

What You Need to Scrap Digitally

There are different answers to this; and it all depends on who you ask. Here is what I suggest that you need to get started in digital scrapbooking

  1. A program to scrap with
  2. Photos
  3. Digitally made papers and elements (a kit)
The main programs used for digital scrapbooking are as follows: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements (what I use),, Corel Paintshop Pro, and Gimp. There are other things out there you can use. These are the main ones though. 

Photos, of course. (I have been known to scrap photo-less layouts though!). I usually take photos with my camera or phone and save them to my computer. From there I can upload them to my layout. I also have photos from the good old pre-digital days. What do I do with those? Scanner baby! Scan them right in and use them on my layouts. I am not going to lie to you though, and I do suggest this if you are going to print in 8x8 or smaller. I have been known to take really nice and clear photos of my photos to use on my layouts. True story!

Digital papers and elements, otherwise known as "kits", are the next thing you need. Technically you can scrap without them. You can upload photos and journal without them. I personally love all the pretty papers and elements that go with them. 

What are digital papers and elements? 

Digital papers and elements are the supplies you need to scrap your digital scrapbooking layouts. They are downloaded off the internet. You can buy them and find some for free! You will need to know how to download things, how to find them and unzip them once you have them on your computer. where to store them, and how to store them. I personally suggest that you store them in two different places. Some of the places you can store your digital scrapbooking supplies are on your computer, an external hard-drive, DVDs, or internet back up. I personally store mine on my computer and have an internet back up. 

There are a huge range of items that will be your digital scrapbooking supplies. Those include: 
  • Full kits - Which are most everything you need bought at once. All the papers and elements you need. Usually in some sort of theme. Color or activity. 
  • alphas - these are just like they sound. Beautiful letters used to title your page
  • papers 
  • elements - all the things that are not papers. Think flowers, stars, and so on. 
  • templates - which I love and will have a whole other post about just them
  • quick pages
  • and more!
There are tons and tons of stores around online to buy these digital scrapbooking supplies. Just google "digital scrapbooking store" and go from there. My favorites are GingerScraps and SweetShoppe Designs. You can also google "digital scrapbooking freebies" and start getting some items from free. 

Now, all this sounds good, but how do you really go about doing this? 

Where to Start Digital Scrapbooking

I suggest you start with a tutorial. Google those bad-boys! My favorite tutorial is HERE.

This tutorial has everything you need to get started. Takes everything I have just said and actually teaches you how to do it. I am not a very good teacher. I really suggest you taking a look over here to get started. (It also tells you how and gives you all you need to start digital scrapbooking for FREE!)

What I have given you is the basic knowledge on what digital scrapbooking is. I have plans on sitting down and going in more detail on what all this is and showing you how to do it. This is just to get your toes wet and to point you in the right direction. To let you know what digital scrapbooking is. 

It is a fantastic and fun hobby. I suggest to anyone. I love it! I hope you will love it too!

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