It is that time of the year again. Summer is in full swing and that means it is time for the Summer fun!! Pool, water balloons, playing in the rain, and just having great family fun. The older the kiddo gets the more busy my summer seems to feel.

Usually I put together my Summer Bucket List with my digital scrapbooking supplies. However, like I said, I am really busy already this summer. I had my list already planned out and actually have had fun doing one or two on here. I thought it time to sit down though and actually make the list to share with you guys.

Here is my 2016 Summer Bucket List

2016 Summer Bucket List by march to december

Autumn is my favorite season. I am not going to lie about that. There is something to be said about Summer though. Warm weather brings in outdoor family fun. This summer we have already spent so much time at any pool we can manage. The kiddo and I have had a "Me and You" day. They cousins have come over multiple times for sleep overs. We have had picnics and already are talking about what new park we want to try out. (I will be back once we do for a review of that park here on the blog. For anyone else who is local to Chattanooga or visiting).

I will be coming back from time-to-time this summer and updating each and every one on this list actually. You can find other lists from past years here on my blog as well. You can do so by searching, clicking HERE, or the tab at the very top of the blog. There are some repeated activities from year-to-year. Some just need to be repeated though! Like watching fireworks. There is something magical about that; and I will watch fireworks until my dying day.

Some of the things on this list that I am really looking forward to is the playing in the rain, movie marathon, and the treasure hunt. My vote for movie marathon is Harry Potter...because...duh...Harry Potter. lol. However, I think I will be overruled and we will be having a Star Wars movie marathon. Which I don't mind, but don't like as much as I would have the Harry Potter one.

Do you have any summer plans or a summer bucket list? I would love to hear your ideas. I might just have to put them on my list for next year. It bumps up to 17 items for 2017 and I would love some new ones to be on the list. So link me up!!

Have a great Summer!!

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