Thursday, February 23, 2017

The History of La'Shawn

When I was thinking about this blog post, I was going to title it, That's Who I Am. Then the history of me got a bit longer than I expected. I decided to break this down into multiple posts. However, when I thought of my last title,I sang Who I Am by Jessica Andrews the entire time. I am sure I will sing it for hour afterwards as well. The reason behind this post is to introduce the La'Shawn behind Simply La'Shawn. It would be pointless not to put a face and name behind the blog.

Who is La'Shawn? - The History

What a loaded question right? I probably should start out with a bit of history. 1980 something I was born. The 1st child to very young parents. My parents were married young; and you know how it goes. First comes love...then comes marriage....then comes the baby carriage! I have a photo of my mom graduating high school about half way along in her pregnancy.

Flash forward two years and I am joined by a sister. Two years after that my parents were divorced. From there it was mostly us girls against the world. I have come to terms over the years that my Dad was not ready to be a parent; and that he left for years. I am not going to touch on that. Water under the re-built bridge. No point. My young single mom doing what she could to raise us healthy and happy. She worked her tail off; and she wasn't afraid to ask for help. Enter my MeeMaw.

MeeMaw is my Momma's Mom. That is a lot of M's in that sentence! Mom worked 3rd shift a lot to keep us feed and happy. Through these amazingly strong women I am who I am today. It truly was us against the world. People would come in and out of our lives. My MeeMaw, my Mom, my Sister, and myself were the core of my upbringing.

Which brings me to this lovely lady. My better half for nearly all my life. My sister. I couldn't deny her if I tried! The older we have gotten the more-and-more we look a like. That wasn't always the case. We were not only vastly different in personality and smarts; we looked totally different too.

This is my girl though. My best friend no matter what. No one else in my life can understand things about my life better than her. I can just look at her and say, "Do you know what I mean?" while making zero sense. She knows what I mean though.

She is one of the strongest and smartest people I know. She was the person I would get in trouble with, fight with, help teach when she was younger, drive around when we were older, and make me mad quicker than anyone.

I swear we were born out of order. She is the over achieving, super smart, and always doing more than she should kind of person. I am...well none of those. I am a don't show your true potential, passable smart, and never doing more than I should kind of person. She graduated Salutatorian (should have been Valedictorian) while competing in rodeos. I admired her when we were younger...still do.

I told you we looked nothing alike as little girls. Nothing! 

My best friend of nearly 20 years is another very important person in my life. I had just changed schools in the 8th grade. I was nerdy...oh so nerdy...with big glasses,bangs for days, and in the band. Talk about insecure. She saw this fellow trumpeter and forced me to be her friend. I am thankful daily for that!

We have been best friends since her brother passed away in the 9th grade. So close that jilted boyfriends said we were more than just friends. She was the mom of the group. She made sure we were all fed and not getting into trouble.

We have gone from nerdy 8th graders to Mom's of boys in our 30's. I wish we spent more time together (that is mostly my fault!). She is that kind of friend though that years could go by without talking (and that happened for about 3 years), and we pick right back up where we left off. Like nothing happened.

That is me in that pic with bangs for days by the way. I unfortunately do not have a pic of her from middle school. See below for a younger pic of us.

I cannot talk about pre-20 La'Shawn without mentioning one last person. My baby sister. My Dad remarried an amazing woman; and they had a little girl together. She is still little; and will always be my baby sister. She made me play her dern plastic kitchen every time I came over. :-) She loved to spin round-and-round in circles with me. We loved Backstreet Boys together. We fell out for a few years. That was probably one of the saddest parts of my life. I love being a big sister; and she is such an amazing person to be around. I missed that.

We are working on that relationship now. You would just be blown away at not only how beautiful she is; but how strong she is. She is the 1st to point out something (or animal!) being treated wrong; and defend them with all her might. She is one of the most authentic people I know!! I admire that so much in her! I am a better person with her being my sister!

Of course there are other people that made me, me. There was a not so amazing relationship from 16 to 20. (Both he and I were young and dumb) A lot of my insecurities come from that. More on that some other day. Another amazing woman who loved me for no other reason than to love me. His mom.

That is where I am going to leave today's post though. The history of me. (up to 20 years). A very glossed over history. Really though. Who wants to re-live 20+ years with me? I will be back next week with a bit more. What makes La'Shawn today. I am sure I forgot to mention people. I pray no feelings are hurt. This post is crazy long already.

Also since that song is stuck in my head, I thought I would have a little fun with it...

 I am Annie Lou's granddaughter. (LOOK! It's MeeMaw!)

The spitting image of both my parents! It all depends on who I am standing beside.

When the day is done my guys are still my biggest fan.

Not only do I have friends that love me; they are the best of friends out there! Mainly my best friend for almost 20 years.

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